Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Access orkut and youtube and other blocked sites from saudi arabia,uae and other blocked countries

  • Wednesday, January 26, 2011
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  • This software is used to Access blocked web sites and other unloaded websites.

    As most of us now, some of the gulf countries(saudi arabia,uae) banned social networking sites like orkut and some other very useful site like youtube etc..Peoples from that countries cannot access such sites(orkut,youtube,imageshack etc..).Some peoples are using proxy site for bypassing the banne.Its very dificult to surf using proxy site because it is very slow.
    I found a new technique for avoiding such problems.In this technique we can use orkut and youtube with full functionalities from saudi arabia and uae.China also imposed censorship over internet media.Using this technique we can bypass all censorship.This technique is also useful for the peoples from rest of the world because they can surf anonymously.

    You have to download small sized application named ultrasurf for overcoming the censorship and blockage of internet. you dont need to install the software,so we can use the software in all computer ,dont need any administrator privilege.

    also u want to download a add-on for mozilla browser.
    Extract ZIP file.
    right click on the downloaded file.
    and open with mozilla then it will be attach with mozilla.


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